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Ways in which you can help...

Kitchen Assistants

This role involves preparing and cooking meals between 8.00am and 11.30am at the Royal Park kitchen.

Volunteers can assist with different elements of the meal preparation and will be guided by our Executive Chef and team.

Cooking is a team effort and we work hard to provide a supportive environment.

Kitchen assistants also assist with tidying and washing up at our kitchen-based branch.


Drivers use their own cars to deliver meals to service users between 11.00am and 1pm.

Volunteers are reimbursed for their petrol.

Up to 25 meals are delivered per delivery run.

Drivers must have their own comprehensive insurance.

Driver Assistants

Driver assistants accompany drivers to deliver meals into the homes of service users between 11.00am and 1pm.

For safety and security reasons, both the assistant and the driver deliver the meal to the service users door for safety reasons.

Emergency Drivers and Assistants

You can also volunteer as an emergency driver or assistant.

Rather than being on a regular roster, you'll simply be called on to fill in when a regular driver or assistant can't make it.

Want to be a VOLUNTEER?

Nonna's Cucina - Made with love, shared with joy

Volunteering at Nonna's Cucina

Nonna's Cucina services are made possible by 130 valuable volunteers who freely give their time, knowledge, skills and dedication to prepare, cook and deliver meals to over 300 clients each weekday at lunch time. Volunteers serve as kitchen assistants, drivers and driver assistants /deliverers, with most offering their services on a weekly basis.

We always need more volunteers to help maintain our level of service and to meet increasing demand. New volunteers enable us to replace those who retire through age, ill health or other reasons. We provide support and training to assist you to do your very best when volunteering for Nonna's Cucina.

Nonna's Cucina provides more than just a meal service; Our volunteers connect with the service users and provide assistance when needed. In fact, volunteers have a duty of care to report any changes or problems with the client and arrange help if needed by calling the office, the Police or the South Australian Ambulance Service. These outreach links are an essential part of our service and one we are pleased to offer.

Volunteering for  Nonna's Cucina doesn't require a big commitment.  Just a few hours once a week or fortnight will be greatly appreciated!  So if you can help in any way, please call us on 82403491 or complete the volunteer enquiry form online. You will be contacted and a time will be made for an induction session with the Operations Manager.

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